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School Sport to Stay in SA

published  First Published: 15/10/2009
Article written by: Hon Jane Lomax-Smith
News Release

Hon Jane Lomax-Smith
Minister for Education
Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Minister for Tourism
Minister for the City of Adelaide
School sport is here to stay under a Rann Labor Government, says Education Minister Jane Lomax-Smith.
Dr Lomax-Smith today told State Parliament that Liberals claims about the future of school sport were nothing more than scare-mongering.
The Liberals might have plans to cut back on sport in schools, but thats certainly not our intention, Dr Lomax-Smith says.
In light of a recent court judgement, its right and proper that we ensure any risk to students is minimised.
The education department is working to ensure that appropriate levels of supervision, risk assessment and relevant instruction is given to children participating in competitive sports.
It would be unthinkable that children in Australian schools would give up sport and I can ensure all South Australians that sport will continue in our schools.


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