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Thursday, The Cheapest Fuel Day

published  First Published: 04/01/2010
Article written by: Nigel Brookson
Motoring body NRMA wants oil companies and servos explain why the cheapest day to buy fuel has quietly changed from Wednesday to Thursday during the past three weeks.
It's the first change to the weekly price cycle since 2004, when it moved from Tuesday to Wednesday.
Unfortunately, motorists haven't moved with the times with new NRMA research also showing 55 per cent still believe Tuesday is the best time to fill the tank.
It means motorists are continuing to miss out on cheaper prices, NRMA president Wendy Machin said.
The latest shift comes as the federal government urged for petrol prices to be investigated.
"Something untoward is happening with the weekly price cycle," Ms Machin said.
The majority of Sydney drivers buy petrol on Tuesdays (38 per cent), followed by Wednesdays (28 per cent) and Saturdays (26 per cent).
Oil companies should be made to explain why the low-end of the price cycle had moved to Thursdays without warning, Ms Machin said.
Friday remains the most expensive day to buy petrol, according to the NRMA.
It's urged all motorists to refuel on Thursday mornings, before a significant jump in prices as drivers head home from work.


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