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Jennifer's Bikini Label Cozi in Dispute

published  First Published: 10/12/2009
Article written by: Carol Linbloom
The owner of Caussie, a men's swimwear line sold on eBay, is opposing the name of Hawkins' swimwear brand Cozi on the grounds it sounds too similar.
Hawkins, 25, unveiled her range of skimpy swimsuits amidst much fanfare during Myer's summer collection launch in August.
But Kevin Stapley lodged his objection to Hawkins' attempt to trademark her swimwear line with IP Australia back in February.
Mr Stapley registered his Caussie brand of retro-style swimwear four years ago and is currently developing a website.
Lawyers for the former Miss Universe have submitted evidence in reply to Mr Stapley's claim and the challenge is set to be heard before a tribunal early next year.
Hawkins' company, Universal Strategies applied to have Cozi by Jennifer Hawkins trademarked in June last year.
The trademark request stated the brand will cover not only swimwear but a range of goods including sunglasses, clothing and bed linen.


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