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Adelaide MP Bernard Finnigan Resigns

published  First Published: 28/04/2011
Article written by: Nigel Brookson


Adelaide MP Bernard Finnigan while Acting Police Minister has resigned from Cabinet and will not be replaced.

Premier Mike Rann announced this morning in a news release that he had accepted Mr Finnigan's resignation from Cabinet and Executive Council.

Adelaide MP Bernard Finnigan was acting Police Minister while Kevin Foley is over seas in America.

The Industrial Relations portfolio will be added to Patrick Conlon; currently transport Minister, with Mr. Finnigan's Gambling portfolio going to Gail Gago who currently holds the Regional Development portfolio.

"The Premier does not intend to fill the vacancy created by the resignation," a news release issued from the Premier's office said.

Read the full News Release issued by the Premiers Office titled 'Changes to Cabinet'

The shock resignation comes after a poll in the 'Advertiser' published on Tuesday, showing support for Labor had slumped to its lowest level since the disastrous State Bank election of 1993.

Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond said Mr Finnigan's resignation raised questions about who would lead the State Government in the Upper House.

Bernard Finnigan was one of only two ministers in the Upper House and Labor MPs will need to vote to replace him as leader of the Legislative Council.

The position is the third-highest ranking in the Government and Caucus is not expected to meet again until May 2.

Aside from Mr Finnigan, Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago is now the most senior Labor MP in the Upper House.

"There are some questions, I think, that still need to be answered about that resignation," ...
"There still are questions about whether Bernie Finnigan remains the leader in the Legislative Council and whether it is intended that he will continue to hold that office," Isobel Redmond said today.

Bernard Finnigan remains a member of the Legislative Council and is not due to face re-election until 2018.

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Comments made on Adelaide MP Bernard Finnigan Resigns

Mike Weston
10 Jun 2011 14:06:54

Yes it is surprising to see a politician leave politics and not know why, or what they are doing. It was interesting to read the history of Bernard Finnigan; how he became South Australian MP.