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Jessica is Half Way

published  First Published: 13/01/2010
Article written by: Jessica Watson's Blogg
We are incredibly proud to announce that Jessica Watson has conquered the Mount Everest of the maritime world  by rounding Cape Horn this evening at 8.40pm (AEDT), doing so in 40 knot winds, mist, drizzle and a bumpy 4 metre sea.
However, the miserable conditions have not dampened the spirits of this inspirational 16 year old who is having the time of her life out there!
The predicted gales hit as scheduled today and Jessica has been sailing in 30-40 knot winds for the past 24 hours, but they are expected to abate soon as she heads north east towards the Falklands.
Jessica has now sailed 9,800nm on day 88 of her solo circumnavigation as she approaches the half way mark of her journey. Whilst there is much work still to do for Jessica, this day is one she will never forget.



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