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More High Rise for Adelaide CBD

published  First Published: 16/10/2009
Article written by: News Editor: Nigel Brookson
Citing medium to high-density residential developments in revitalised cities across the globe, Mr Harbison called on the State Government and Adelaide City Council to push for similar developments here as a priority under the state's 30-Year Plan.
He said redeveloping the city and inner suburbs with more high-density housing was the best way to meet the Government's population growth targets.
He also indicated that approving taller residential buildings in the city would be a key step forward.
"I think the goal of 70 percent in fill and 30 percent greenfields (fringe development) is what we must do, but my fear is that for the first 10 years we'll do the greenfields and put off doing the in fill," he said today at a Capital City Committee Forum at the Adelaide Convention Centre .
"We must make sure that we make some advancement on that 70 per cent in fill development and not just focus on the greenfields.
"(In other cities) they're paying developers to build taller buildings, generally we take them to court to stop them building taller buildings," he said.
"That's the frontier we've got to cross."


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