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O-Bahn Busway Extension

published  First Published: 13/05/2009
Article written by: News Reporter: Nigel Brookson
Mr Conlon today said the State Government had secured the Federal Budget funding through "very, very strong cases for it".
The Budget papers say construction will begin this year.
"What we will have is dedicated corridors into the city," Mr Conlon said.
"We've got a number of design options but they will be dedicated bus corridors that will mean that that slow crawl into the city when you get off the O-Bahn will be over.
"It will make the services faster. It will mean more people will be able to use the O-Bahn.
"We will go out to the private sector, as we've done with other projects, and we'll come back with dedicated designs. What that will be is a little hard to forecast now."
The extended O-Bahn will continue down Hackney Rd and Dequetteville Tce before turning right on to Rundle Rd, left on East Tce and right again to travel down Grenfell and Currie streets to West Tce.
The buses will travel down dedicated bus lanes but further details of the project are yet to be determined.


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