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Polish Festival - PolArt

published  First Published: 28/12/2009
Article written by: News Reporter: Nigel Brookson
Since the festivalís inception in 1975, PolArt has grown to a scale where, in Elder Park this Proclimation Day, over 500 artists and performers¬†participated.
Some of the events planned for the PolArt Adelaide 2009 festival included folkloric concerts, theatre performances, visual art exhibitions, literature sessions, classical music, short films and the traditional Dozynki harvest fair.
Many of the festivalís major events will be held around the Festival Centre/ Elder Park/ North Terrace precinct.
Premier of South Australia Mike Rann, was there in both a cerimonial, and I'm sure as an interested citizen, to receive the offering of the harvest, and to enjoy the activities.


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