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Schoolies Invade Victor Harbour 2009

published  First Published: 21/11/2009
Article written by: News Reporter: Nigel Brookson
Residents of the quiet country town of Victor Harbour brace themselves for the onslaught of students every year, as 'Schoolies Week' unfolds.
The locals are normally left to clean up the aftermath of rubbish, graffeti, and vandelism created by year 12 students celebrating the end of high school.
POLICE have said they were "very happy" with the behaviour of schoolies revellers with 15 people arrested overnight on Saturday's second night of celebrations.
Of those, eight were schoolies, while seven were non-school leavers or "toolies".
Of those arrests, five were for disorderly behaviour, four for fighting in a public place, two for offensive language and one each for carrying an offensive weapon, failing to cease loitering, property damage and a breach of bail.
Another five people were reported for various offences, three of those were schoolies while the remaining two were "toolies".
Police also issued 17 people with street diversion notices for other minor offences.
Another 94 expiation notices were issued with 73 for liquor licensing breaches, 13 for traffic related offences and eight for other various offences.
Police conducted 387 driver screening tests with three people issued with immediate licence losses for being over the prescribed limit of alcohol - the highest being 0.166.
A police spokesman said police were "overall happy with the people enjoying the schoolies festival".


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