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Wolf Blass Wins Red and White

published  First Published: 16/10/2009
Article written by: News Editor: Nigel Brookson
And it won the prize with a wine variety that many regular drinkers have walked away from in the past few years - chardonnay.
The big award of the show went to the Wolf Blass 2007 White Label Chardonnay, which also won on its way to the top trophies for the best chardonnay and the best white wine judged this year.
The Barossa-based Wolf Blass company also grabbed a bag of awards from the red wine shelves, scoring best red in show, best red under $20 and the best red blend for its user friendly 2008 Yellow Label Shiraz Viognier.
This year's show also announced a world first in wine trophies, the Gramp, Hardy, Hill Smith Prize for the Most Outstanding Wine of Provenance, rewarding one label over three vintages ranging from the most recent to five-year and 10-year-old wines.
The inaugural prize went to Wynns Coonawarra Estate for its Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet Sauvignon.
This year's show judged more than 2300 wines from more than 370 producers and awarded 123 gold medals, 189 silver medals and 583 bronze medals.
Winemaker of the show's top wine Matt L'Leary said the win was a great outcome for an out- -of-favour style of wine.
``This award highlights that chardonnay really is the king of varieties, even though it's been overtaken in popularity by sauvignon blanc,'' Matt said.
Other major winners:
Best Shiraz: Leconfield Richard Hamilton 2008 Gumprs Shiraz

Best White Wine under $20: Penfolds Thomas Hyland 2008 Chardonnay

Best Sauvignon Blanc: Hamelin Bay 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Best Australian Ruby or Tawny: McWilliams Show Shiraz Touriga

Best Cabernet: Yalumba 2006 The Menzies


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