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Libya attacked by French fighters

published  First Published: 20/03/2011
Article written by: Nigel Brookson

A second wave of strikes by French fighters attack targets in Libya following Saturday's international operation to enforce a no-fly zone.

This operation came as a Libya announced a new ceasefire in the campaign against a military uprising, with Gaddafi's son and possible future leader Saif al-Islam saying "There is a big misunderstanding," and the whole country is united against the armed militia and the terrorists.

Saif al-Islam, already a key figure in the Gaddafi regim has defiantly denied there's any reason for his father to step aside, and that his people went to Benghazi to liberate Benghazi from the gangsters and the armed militia," he said, referring to the rebel bastion in eastern Libya.


"So if you, if the Americans want to help the Libyan people in Benghazi... go to Benghazi and liberate Benghazi from the militia and the terrorists."

British and French forces with the US playing a supporting role have launched the West's biggest intervention in the Arab world since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, firing more than 120 Tomahawk Cruise missiles and conducting bombing raids on key Libyan military targets.

US military officials say the strikes, which came after the United Nations Security Council authorised all necessary means to implement a no fly zone to protect Libyan civilians, have stopped Gaddafi's forces in their tracks.

In a televised interview, Saif al-Islam was asked if the Gaddafi regime would retaliate by launching strikes on Western commercial aircraft, Saif al-Islam responded:

"No, this is not our target... "Our target is how to help our people in Libya, especially in Benghazi. Believe me, they are living a nightmare. A nightmare, really."



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