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New Zealand Teacher in Penthouse

published  First Published: 26/10/2009
Article written by: Nigel Brookson


Rachel Whitwell is a 27-year-old New Zealand teacher who goes by the name of Lexy in the Penthouse article.

The New Zealand Teachers Council is investigating the matter, after racy photos of New Zealand teacher Rachel Whitwell; including two totally naked and two topless poses, appeared on the Internet.

"I am a 26-year-old single school teacher from New Zealand that would love to get into modelling," was a quote that went along with the photos in Australian Penthouse.

"I've written erotic stories for an R-rated magazine and run my own pole dancing studio, was another."


Rachel Whitwell is currently on leave from teaching, but wishes to return to the job when her young daughter grows up.

Teachers council director Peter Lind said there would be an investigation.

"What is private and what is public is always a grey area but when they intersect we investigate,"... "When a teacher is in the public arena we must say that it does impact on their ability to do their job." Lind said

The case is similar to 24-year-old Sydney teacher Lynne Tziolas who was suspended after appearing nude in a women's magazine.

Tziolas launched legal action to be reinstated to her position at Narraweena Public School after taking part in the naked photo shoot with her husband.

The photos appeared in a sealed section of Cleo magazine along with photographs of nine other couples and comments about their sex lives.

The New Zealand Teachers Council on May 3 2011, announced that Rachel Whitwell has been deregistered as a result of the nude photo shoot in Australian Penthouse magazine draped naked over a school desk.

After a barrage of complaints from the public following the 2009 publication, the New Zealand Teachers Council began investigating.

Rachel Whitwell tried to defend her actions saying in her submission:

"I simply modelled for some photographs in my role as a model, not as a teacher."..."Even if I was teaching, I do not believe that (the teachers council) has any right to impose Victorian moral opinions on my life outside the classroom."

Rachel Whitwell also critisised Penthouse Magazine for highlighting her work as a teacher and said the editor had used "editorial licence" with the quotes.

"I take on a lot of different modelling assignments, this was one of them. I'm not the editor of that magazine, I didn't decide to put that content in," she told Radio New Zealand on Tuesday.

The Teachers Council disagreed, finding that Rachel Whitwell had brought the profession into disrepute and deregistered her.

Rachel Whitwell, who left her job at an Auckland primary school soon after the publication, says she's working "happily" as a model these days but plans to fight the decision so she can return to teaching at a later stage in her life.
Good Luck Rachel!


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