Apple ipad 2

The new ipad 2 is thinner, faster, comes in a choice of black or white, includes two cameras supporting 720p video capture, one on the front and one on the back; both able to record video or snap photos, but apart from a few small 'niceties' it's the same as the original ipad. The iPad 2 is very thin, measuring just 8.8mm, it's thinner than the iPhone 4 and a third thinner than the original iPad. Construction quality hasn't been sacrificed though, with the back of the iPad 2 made from a durable, single slab of aluminium, machined to fit the iPad's internal components, as was the original ipad. One of the best features, and something manufactures of smart technology never seem to concern themselves with is apart from the case of the first ipad, the ipad 2 works with first ipad accessories; including docks, adapters, speakers, video cables, and most importantly chargers.

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Apple ipad 2

The new ipad 2 is thinner, faster, comes in a choice of black or white, includes two cameras supporting 720p video capture, one on ...

Apple ipad Unveiled

Apple unveils the latest gadget in the i-range, the Apple ipad.

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