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Shopping Tips to Save Money Part 2

published  First Published: 01/02/2010
Article written by: Claire Goulding
Planning is key with most things, and certainly when it comes to shopping. Make a list and check it twice. Your Freezer will be your best friend, so make sure it's been recently de-frosted.
Buy Frozen Veggies.
While fresh veggies are a little better, frozen veggies are almost as good, and much better than nothing. And since you can keep them in the freezer, they rarely go bad.
When youre running low, write it down.
Dont wait until you run out. when you see theres only three toilet paper rolls left, put it on your list. Because when you run out, it will be too late.
Cut back on Expensive cuts of Meat.
Meat can be expensive. Think of having vegetarian meals several times a week (think pasta or chili) and for other meals, you could just use a little meat as a kind of seasoning instead of the main ingredient, think Asian, Indian and other such cultural food. Look at chicken, and sausages, there are plenty of ways to make a snag an interesting meal.
Pack your Own Lunch Snacks.
Buying pre-made snacks is convenient, but a big waste of money. Buy little baggies and buy the snacks in bulk, then it will take just a few minutes to pack some snacks for lunch each day.
Instead of buying lunch, make it at home; sandwiches, or my favourite (next tip) the leftovers.
Make Leftovers for Lunch.
Plan to cook a bit extra for each dinner, so that youll have leftovers for your lunch and for the kids lunches. Pack it right away, after dinner, so you dont have to worry about it in the morning.
Dishes with plenty of juices such as stews, or pasta's often taste better the next day, as they have been marinading in those juices for longer.
Cook a lot, then Freeze.
Alternatively, you can cook a whole mess of spaghetti (for example) and freeze it for multiple dinners. A great idea is to use one Sunday and cook a weeks (or even a months) worth of dinners. Plan 5-6 freezable dinners and cook them all at once.
Always have batteries, toilet tissue and light bulbs.
And other necessities that you always seem to run out of, buy a whole bunch when theyre on sale, or buy in bulk. Be sure to check to see if you have these items before you go to the store.
Try Crock Pot Dinners.
We discovered these in the last year, and they are easy and cheap and tasty. Cut up a bunch of ingredients, throw them in the pot in the morning, and have dinner ready for you when you get home. Can anything be more perfect than that? I submit that it cannot.
Clip coupons.
I know, sometimes they seem like too much trouble. But its not really that hard to clip a few coupons and toss them in a coupon envelop to take on your grocery shopping trip. And you can save 10-20% of your bottom line with coupons. Check store entrances, newspaper and flyers for coupons.
Only use coupons for items you were already planning to buy.
Dont let them trick you into buying something thats not on your list, just to save money.



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