Used Car Warranty

A <STRONG>used car warranty</STRONG> is a promise from the warranty provider or used car dealer to rectify faults; including parts and labour, that may occur during the warranty period on covered components. Before purchasing a <STRONG>used car warranty</STRONG> you should read the warranty terms and conditions relevant to your car; inparticular the covered components and scheduled servicing requirements. A used car warranty is like an insurance product for your car designed to protect you from large out of pocket expenses, should your car suffer a mechanical failure. Some used car warranty products are classed as insurance products, and some are not so it is important for you to understand what your car is covered for when you buy it, and your options for purchasing warranty products; as some must be bought at the same time you buy the car. It is important to note that one of the pitfalls in buying a used car privately is that there is no statutory warranty protection, as this only applies to a car purchased from a licensed car dealer.

Buy used car Australia

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