Chocolate Dulls the Pain But so Does Water

A study has found chocolate can help dull pain.<BR>Chocolate activates a part of the brain that blunts pain and makes it difficult to stop eating, a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has found.

So How Much Excercise is Enough

We all know we need exercise, but what activities will keep us fit and healthy and how often do we need to do them.

Teenagers Need to Eat Well

Good nutrition is essential for everyone, but itís especially important for growing teenagers. Unfortunately many Australian teenagers have an unbalanced diet.

Oral Piercing, Not that Cool

Oral piercings are any piercings of the tongue, lips or cheek. In recent years, oral piercings have become a form of self-expression, and the fad is infectious in more ways than one.

The Hungry Jacks Angus - Angry

Hungry Jack's has been roasted over the nutritional value of one of its new burgers, which was found to contain well over a person's recommended daily intake of salt.