7 Ways Men can Attract Women

Youíve been eyeing this woman for so long, but you just canít find ways to approach her. You ask your friends what you should do, but all they give you are out-of-the-ordinary tips and tricks. You know within yourself that these tricks just wonít work for attracting woman.

Dating Tips for Women

Read the Top Tips for Women, on how to Get a Man and Keep Him.

Dating Turnoffs, What not to do.

Dating turn-offs are very subjective. What one person will love, another will run a mile from. You may be bowled over by the way your partner gets slushy after a few drinks, dunks biscuits in their coffee, insists on wearing shades indoors or dyes their hair a fetching shade of purple and, of course, youíve every right to be. However, not everyone will share your opinion.